Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 6, 2011

I decided today to move the trays of seedlings and potted plants from the basement to the greenhouse and hope that I don't forget to plug in the heater at nights.  It is drizzly and the day is to be overcast so it is perfect to expose the little things to natural light with out burning them.

I love to be in the greenhouse in the spring.  It smells earthy, it is warm and protected from the cool/cold spring winds and I can hear all the sorely missed songs of the returning birds.

I finally took a much needed walk in our woods in the afternoon.  The trails that my DH put through them makes it a joy to walk through without trampling on any of the delicate plants.  It has been at least three weeks  since I was back there and I was so surprised that the woodland plants are out so far.  The forest floor was awash in the mottled green of the trout lily leaves with patches of the Kelly green of the wild leeks.  The red Trilliums are blooming and the buds on the white and pink ones are just breaking.  The Cohosh is up and the felty leaves of the Wild Ginger are up but still folded.  In our woods, there are boulders and big rocks that are split or pitted.   On these beasts there are so many treasures growing, and all conveniently at eye level!  There are violets, Walking Ferns,  Pale Corydalis, Hepatica, Hearts Tongue Fern, only to name a very few.  Each spring I need to see what emerges in the forest before the woodland creatures eat the tender shoots.  When the day is damp or wet, the mosses on the rocks expand, looking like velvet and beg for you to put your hands on them.  It is another world in there.


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