Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Morning bits

It is another cold morning, but the sun is out and there is no wind so our walk with Oz was enjoyable.  It was especially so because the snow has frozen again and we can walk without sinking down into the foot of white stuff we have left and we don't need our snowshoes - Yay!!!

There are tulip and daffodil nubs coming up in the warmer exposed areas close to the house and walkway in the back and I am anxious to see if the Hellebores are blooming under the snow as they usually are.  Instant flowers when the snow disappears!

Some of the 60+ tomato seeds have sprouted and the Convolvulus and various Salvia are coming along well.  Here are some of the things growing on 'Under the Lights'.

Convolvulus - always such great germination and the colour of blue is deep and velvety 

Peeking through the plastic covers - don't want any drafts or chills here!

Burgundy leaved begonia - an odd combo of colours, but it works!

A favourite succulent

Begonia nubs on one of my tubers that is over 25 years old.  It is the size of a small cabbage and will grow to a height of 36" with large coral flowers

Two more pair of earrings completed this morning:

Herringbone Weave in Argentium St. Silver 
w Cut Glass Jet Beads

Rose Quartz & Hematite Beads
 Metal Discs
Argentium St. Silver

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