Monday, December 1, 2014

Newest Projects

Last week my supplies of wire to re-stock my box finally arrived as well as two books, one on making findings and another filled with projects that caught my eye.  I finally have some books to follow instead of figuring measurements and making a practice piece or two or three.  I'm finding it quite a bit less stressful!

Here are two pieces, the antiqued copper piece is complete, but the silver (actually silver coated Aluminum which makes it lighter to wear) needs to have the bail and the clasp made for the chain.

Antiqued Copper on Aluminum with Hand Formed Bail and Clasp

 Hand Embossed Silver on Aluminum  Pendant - still to be finished with a bail and chain

It's a good day to stay inside - a windy much cooler day than the balmy +10 degrees of yesterday!

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