Sunday, December 28, 2014

I recently came across an article on some of the metals used in making wire jewelry and today I will share some information on Copper.

"The main property of copper that associates it with healing, is that copper is 'biostatic'.  This means that bacteria will not grow on its surface.  
~The 'ancients' realized this feature and made drinking vessels of copper to drink water  from as a healing method. 
~Modern man uses copper in garden sprays to dispel mildew and other bacteria from      plants.  
~Copper tubing is used in air conditioning units to prevent the spread of bacteria.
~Copper impregnated fabrics have many uses as socks, uniforms and underwear for the  sports industry.
~In healthcare it is used in articles such as gowns, masks, towels, etc.
~It is used in household pillowcases, mattresses and carpeting and for military and  industrial clothing.
Did you know that some hospitals use copper doorknobs to prevent the spread of germs?  And what are normally thought of as gorgeous older elevators are actually made using copper and brass as disease resistant decor - genius!

I do so love working with copper.  It is softer, and warms to the touch so quickly it seems.

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