Sunday, July 27, 2014

With over 70 different daylily plants and around fifty of them blooming right now, it is a beautiful display of colour in the gardens.  I am finally, seriously, taking their photos, and labeling each of them.  It is fun to go out every day and see if a new one has opened for me to capture with the camera.  The only problem I'm encountering is when a label is missing, thanks to the many birds that throw around the mulch, tossing the marker as well.  thankfully I have a record of each plant and a description on which to fall back on.  

I've made an effort to have early, mid and late blooming daylilies and so have a long season to enjoy their colours.  Here is a sampling:

Ariana Crystal

Bama Bound

Bridal Suite

Button Box

Cherry Cheeks

Concord Baby

Destined to See

Doll House

Gentle Shepherd 

Hush Little Baby

Jo Barbre

Lake Norman Spider

Lou Rainie

Seneca Coral Song

Siloame Double Classic

South Seas

Swallowtail Kite

Royal Frosting

Ruby Throat

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