Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First Bracelet, Heart & Hoops

A beautiful, sunny day!  It was a cold morning at when we got up -20C! 

On our walk this morning (DH, Ozzie and myself) first thing a cottontail shot out of the cedar and down the lane he flew with Oz hot on his trail.  What a run!  Thankfully the snow is so deep that he didn't pursue him too far into the trees and came back for his treats.

Further on during our walk, just by the Beeches, a grouse exploded out of the snow, not two feet beside me and off Ozzie went again.  He does love to chase those flying grouse!

Completed three more pieces before going for a ski out back with MH.

Hand Formed & Hammered Copper Bracelet w Green Marble Beads

Mother & Child Heart
Hand Formed & Hammered Copper Heart and Clasp
w Swarovski Elements Pearls

Hand Formed & Hammered Copper
Using One Piece of Wire 
w Argentium Ear Wires

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