Sunday, January 4, 2015

Learning to use the Micro Torch

For Christmas, DH gave me two micro torches (Yahoo!) that he knew I was dying to have so I could start to teach myself about soldering (still to be tried) and making more findings (jump rings, balled head pins, clasps, etc).

Today I took the leap and made two balled head pins from Argentium.  At first nothing at all was happening with the metal, just a glowing red hot stick.  I tried a few times - nothing.  I went on to a favourite site - Rio Grande - and read that it should only take 16 seconds at the most NOT 1 -2 minutes!!!  I know, I know.  I could easily order them, have them on hand and not monkey around with all this, but my entire journey into this jewelry making is about learning to make as much of the components as I possibly can. 

 So, DH came in to see what all the cussing was about and I explained and thought perhaps one of the nozzles should come off, so ever the gentleman that he is, he took it off for me (red hot it was too) and I proceeded to try again.  He then pointed out to me that perhaps I should hold the metal in the flame...good to know!  I thought I had it in there, from my view, but when it was actually in the flame it split it, so now I will be able to tell straight away.  Well, lo and behold, it worked and I have two balled head pins.  The possibilities are endless - where to begin?

I know these aren't too exciting looking, but for me they are a gateway to more creativity!

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